Time is money. In fact, time is actually a mindset, but we won’t get all woo woo on you because if you’re in business then time costs you money.

Your employees and even you are costing your business money and if the time spent in and on the business isn’t managed efficiently then you’ll be less profitable than you could be.

Being more efficient with your time can and does lead to more profit and a stronger business that can grow more easily. When you run an accountancy firm you have so much you need to do on a daily basis. From Tax reminders to securing records and submitting files to HMRC, a day in an accountancy firm is rarely dull or quiet.

How often are you sending paperwork or paying someone to do it? Could a CRM and using efficient automation save you time? How many hours do you spend on regular client interactions?

A CRM like AccountancyManager helps your firm be more efficient and more profitable.

Here’s how we do it…

Take less time to take on new clients

Taking on a new client takes time and many of the accountants we speak to say that the sheer amount of paperwork and correspondence it takes to onboard a new client effectively makes the first few months (or in the worst case, years) non-profitable.

Aside from this being a pricing issue, in the highly competitive but compliant world you work in, getting all the right paperwork in place takes time. But it doesn’t have to. Continue reading...