Whatever field of professional services you’re in, creating the most efficient practice will be a key goal. And with advances in technology, online working and software automation, accounting is moving closer than ever to the nirvana of the efficient automated cloud practice.

By driving efficiency through automation you give yourself choice, and that’s something that many practising accountants don’t have – time or choice in how you work and live your lives.

Whether you’re an accountant, bookkeeper or payroll businesses, most of us will have found ourselves up at midnight, sending an email to a client to chase up urgent information that’s missing. And when deadlines are looming and the clock is ticking, this pushes your resourcing as a firm, and creates an admin headache for everyone in the business.

But by having a solution like AccountancyManager as the foundational platform of the firm, and applying all the benefits of software automation, you can stop working late into the night – and get back the time you’ve previously spent with your nose to the admin grindstone.

James Byrne, ex-accountant and founder of AccountancyManager, explains just how automation turns around your practice management – saving you time, increasing your profits and giving you more choice around how and when you work.
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